Uhuru Afrika

  • Uhuru Afrika is a conscious, celebratory dance movement honoring the music born of the African continent and the diaspora. The musical format covers hundreds of years and thousands of miles, from traditional ancestral pan-African poly-rhythms to modern electronically produced dance music. Navigated by DJs Adam Gibbons and Max Pela with Malian master percussionist Sidy Maiga, the journey these urban griots pilot crosses waters and climbs peaks, then plunges into valleys of afro-inspired dance floor sound. Anchored in Boston, Uhuru Afrika has opened for the likes of Femi Kuti and Tony Allen, participated in a Harvard University symposium on African Dance, and collaborated with the Brown University African studies department. Most importantly, it has brought about dance floor explosions in some of the hottest clubs and festivals around the globe, and continues to be a trendsetter, celebrating the complex beauty found in the rhythms of the Africa.